Web App Development Services

We build custom web applications using the latest technologies and help businesses move from their traditional to web-based platforms.

SaaS Web Apps Development


At Amics Web Apps Development Services, we offer a range of cloud-based SaaS solutions for marketing automation, customer support, enterprise resource planning, and other business applications.

Front End Development


We are a front-end development company that develops applications for clients across the globe. We use the latest technologies to build robust and scalable web apps with enhanced user experience.

Progressive Web Development


Progressive Web development services are the latest web development strategy that provides businesses with all of the tools they need to create stellar mobile-ready websites.

Ecommerce Web Apps Development


We are a team of dedicated professionals, who are working hard to make your business more successful. Our eCommerce web applications are designed for you with expert skills and years of experience in the medium-scale industry.

Custom Web App Development


With our in-house team of highly skilled and experienced software engineers, we build bespoke web applications that meet your unique needs. We combine the best technologies with the right processes to create products that solve real business problems.

Backed & Node.js Development


Our team of software developers are some of the brightest minds in the industry with proven experience in delivering results on time and within budget.

Why Choose Amics?


Innovative Architecture

Interactive UI/UX

Modern Framework

24/7 Support

Our Web App Development Services


E-Commerce Development

Provide the best possible shopping experience to customers by providing innovative and convenient shopping solutions.

WordPress Development

We specialize in developing WordPress websites for startups and small or medium-scale businesses with fully-fledged web applications.

Small Business Website 

We are an expert website design and development company specializing in small business needs.

Corporate Website Development

Our mission is to help companies grow their business with creative website development services.


What is web app development?

Web app development is the process of coding software that runs on web servers. Such web applications are usually referred to as web apps. The most common implementation of web app is via the server-side implementation of JavaScript, but technologies like JavaServer Pages, PHP, Ruby on Rails, etc., are used to implement web apps as well.

What is the best platform to develop web applications?

PHP is the most popular web programming language in the world. It’s best for developing websites and web applications. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the combination to make a web application functional.

What is required to develop a web application?

There are many things that are required to develop a web application. The information that is most important to you is what you are most interested in. We recommend that you visit the link below to research more on this topic.

Can you turn a website into an app?

Yes, you can turn a website into an app. Technically, a website and an app are the same things. An internet website is often called a web application. The Website is actually static HTML content and the app is the browser interface. So if you want to turn a website into an app, you can do so by converting static HTML content to a dynamic application.

How much does it cost to develop a web app?

It is not easy to quantify the cost of web application development. There are many factors to be considered, including the number of functionalities, technologies to be used, the number of developers that are required, etc.

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