Social Media Marketing Services

Utilize Amics Now’s social media services to increase your return on investment (ROI) from websites like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Social Media Marketing Services
Amics Now Offers the Best Social Media Marketing Services

Amics Now Offers the Best Social Media Marketing Services

As a leading provider of social media marketing services in India, we assist you in getting measurable outcomes from your social media efforts by offering a variety of high-value social media consulting services. It has been demonstrated that our social media marketing services quicken growth. All of our clients have seen success using social media for marketing and advertising. Our skilled social media team manages all of the daily tasks required for a company, including idea conception, inquiry management, social content development, running advertisements, reporting, and more.

We have experience managing client accounts on numerous social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Snapchat, Tiktok, and many more. We are a reputable provider of digital marketing services in India.

Solutions for Social Media Marketing

Profile Creation

Social media optimization is necessary for everyone, regardless of the size of your company. Establish a vibrant online presence by building dynamic profiles on sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others.

Page Creation

Increase the popularity of your business by setting up active pages on numerous social media platforms. Our social media marketing in Ahmedabad enables companies to produce top-notch leads.

Creating a calendar

We make social media content calendars to make sure we have planned and prepared content for posting in advance.

Paid Campaign Development

Get demonstrable returns on your investments by using targeted social media paid campaigns and adverts to promote your business on social media.

Measurement of Engagement

Utilize our social media marketing agency's engagement measuring services to maximize earnings by learning about client preferences and behavior.

Social Media Marketing Consultation

For your business, we offer complete social media marketing services. We guarantee demonstrable outcomes by strategically managing your social media. As the top social media marketing company in Ahmedabad, we concentrate on resolving the fundamental problems that businesses have and treating them with the best results we can.

Promote Your Business's News and Story on the Proper Platform

Utilize social media marketing services from Amics Now to increase your return on investment (ROI) from websites like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Your company may begin increasing its brand exposure and revenue from social media with the help of our affordable social media management services.

A reliable option for social media marketing services is WebFX. As your partner, we’ll assist your company in enhancing its income, client loyalty, and brand awareness.

Promote Your Business's News and Story on the Proper Platform

Why Choose Us

It is not only beeing technology experts. Our promises are real! When you working with us, you are not taking a risk!

Multi-Industry Expertise

We are able to provide a range of talents and knowledge for every project we work on thanks to our extensive industry experience.


Trusted by people

Our wider industry experience, result-oriented marketing services, and reliable workforce, we are a trusted brand across the globe.


Dedicated Team

To encourage direct communication, we give you a specialized digital marketing team and account manager.


Strategy-first Approach

At Amics Now, we create a solid digital marketing strategy tailored to your specific company's objectives.


Full-Service Digital Marketing

Our full-service digital marketing services can help, whether you need specialized services or complete digital marketing solutions for any industry type.


Transparent Reporting

We make sure you keep track of the progress of your campaign. Regular updates and in-depth monthly reporting will be sent to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is a term used to define several marketing methods that businesses use to promote themselves and their products and services on social media networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

How to do social media marketing?

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the process of gaining traffic or attention through social media sites. SMM usually refers to the strategic use of social media platforms to promote a product or service, though not necessarily on those sites.

Why is social media an important part of inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is a methodology of marketing that attracts customers by providing valuable, relevant content to them rather than interrupting them with ads.

How much do social media marketing companies cost?

Social media marketing can be extremely affordable or extremely costly depending on what you are looking for. If you are only looking to set up a profile on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn, you can do it with a few hundred dollars in advertising costs.

What are the types of social media marketing services?

By using tools like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Yelp, Google+, Vine, and Linkedin, our social media marketing service for small businesses helps customers find you while also helping them discover what makes your business unique.

What are the functions of social media?

Social media is the best way to spread the word about your business, new product or company. It is also a great way to learn from others and to receive valuable information. There are a lot of social media platforms out there, some more popular than others.