Small Business Website Development

Grow from a startup to an established brand. Amics Now is a small business website development firm that provides affordable small business websites with an aim to help businesses grow.

Small Business Website Development
About Small Business Website Development

About Small Business Website Development

We can create a great website for your company at a very affordable price, regardless of whether you own a small business or have invested in a startup. We improve user experience by utilizing state-of-the-art technologies, gorgeous design layouts, and functionality that is focused on business. A well-designed website for a small business can attract customers by making a lasting impact on their target market. Sales are therefore increased, and your business is able to grow as a result.

We at Amics Now take great effort to create websites that are search engine friendly for a greater audience and the best ROI. The best viewing experience is guaranteed on all mobile devices thanks to our responsive coding. In order to strengthen your brand identification even further, we successfully link your website with various social media networks. With our all-inclusive small business website development services, we can help your company develop into a recognised brand.

Small Business Website Development Services

Mobile Friendly/Ready

The techies at our small business website development company take care of every client, current or potential, with fully mobile responsive site development.

Conversion Optimized

We, a small website development company, also maximize the sales conversion of your small business. As a result, you can quickly and easily measure the ROI for your website and business.

On time and Perfect

We make sure to deliver the work and offer support services for you on time in addition to offering the best services in the area.

SEO-Friendly Websites

We also make your website search engine optimized to guarantee the best outcomes. You gain a competitive edge in the market as a result.

Simple Navigation

A decent website should make it simple for visitors to navigate the pages and practically jump from one section to another. We make our client’s website easy to navigate for their customers.

Feature-rich Small Business Websites

We make sure to integrate every feature in the website that is our client’s requirement. Amics Now developers are experts in developing feature-rich small business websites.

Embark Your Digital Presence With Amics Now

Certainly, every small business needs a digital presence today. The company’s reputation and credibility are improved, and its target market is significantly widened. Additionally, the internet provides a remarkably affordable means of disseminating marketing messages.

Following a comprehensive grasp of everything, we search for the best technologies and tools for you and make recommendations, but we are also open to your suggestions. You may establish a connection with your audience and turn prospects into brand ambassadors with the aid of our technological know-how and sector expertise.

Embark Your Digital Presence With Amics Now

Why Choose Us

It is not only beeing technology experts. Our promises are real! When you working with us, you are not taking a risk!

Reliable service

What makes us different? The reliability we provide to our customers.


Trusted by people

We are trusted by all our clients for our innovative website development solutions.


Hire Experts

Hire experts that will never let you down and provide you the best web development services.


Modern Setup

The designs we create are according to the latest industry standards and modern customer demands.


AI Driven Workflow

Our AI-driven workflow helps our clients streamline the work processes and focus on business innovation.


Save up-to 50%

Save upto 50% of your expenses with our smart, conversion-driven website development solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be any hidden charges for your small website development services?

No! We make sure to discuss everything during the project discussion. We do not apply any hidden charges once the project has been started. Additionally, we mention each and every detail in the agreement in order to build trust. 

Why do startups need digital presence?

Your audience will have easier access to you if you have an internet presence. With only one click, people can learn everything about your company, services, and products. It improves their convenience in this way. Additionally, a company website allows you to communicate with a large audience outside of the confines of your shop or office.

Is it possible to recreate an existing website?

Yes, we will carefully examine your current website, modify the design, and produce content that is optimized for your site. If necessary, we can also add new web pages to your website. In this manner, you may completely revamp the design and feel of your website without investing a lot of time or money in it.

Do you create mobile-friendly websites?

Yes, we create responsive websites that change according to the size of the screen and provide the best user experience.

What is the cost of small website development services?

Instead of employing a generic template, Amics Now builds websites that are specifically tailored for each client's business. The cost of our specialized service is also specialized. Get a FREE quote from us and discuss your requirements with us to learn more about your particular project.