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Amics Now – The best mobile app development company, has extensive experience in developing high-performing, feature-rich mobile applications for iOS and android devices.

IOS App Development
Mobile App Development Services

About Mobile App Development

Mobile app development these days is very crucial for all businesses. Amics Now, as a mobile app development company offer high-quality standard mobile apps for any platform be it iOS, android, or cross-platform. 

In addition to developing apps for iOS, Android, and cross-platform solutions in Flutter, React Native, and Ionic, our team of mobile app developers is skilled at working with other mobile platforms. We have experience creating mobile app development solutions to match your business needs as one of the top-rated mobile application development companies in India.

Mobile App Development Services

Android App Development

For your company to be digitally heard, we offer sophisticated and cutting-edge Android app development solutions.

IOS App Development

As a leading provider of iPhone app development services, we make it a priority to produce iOS programs that are fully feature-rich for both startups and established companies.

Hybrid App Development

With the help of our hybrid mobile app development services, we streamline your business with a next-generation mobile app.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose the mobile app development services from Amics Now?

With extensive experience in mobile app development, we have developed a procedure that guarantees high productivity and efficiency. To provide innovative solutions and top-notch mobile application development services, Amics Now continuously monitors the development of new technologies.

How do I pick a platform for mobile app development?

Before choosing a mobile app development platform, consider the following factors:

  • your target audience
  • your users’ expectations?
  • development costs?
  • security implications?
  • degree of compatibility with other platforms
What does it cost to create a mobile application?

The price of mobile app development varies on a number of variables, including the platform used for development, the type and complexity of the app, the developer's country, and the number of features you require. To obtain the price for app development, get in touch with us with your needs.

How much time does it take to create a mobile application?

The intricacy of the design, the developer's level of experience, the number of features and functionalities, testing, and other elements will all affect how long it takes to construct a mobile app. Describe your needs to us in contact with us to learn the anticipated time.

What technologies and programming languages are employed in the creation of mobile applications?

For creating iOS apps, we use Objective-C and Swift, and for creating Android apps, we use Java and Kotlin. We employ Flutter, React Native, and Ionic to create cross-platform apps.