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How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Mobile App?

Posted By Amicsnow

The part that everyone loves the most is coming up with an app idea, but the part that everyone struggles with the most is figuring out what to do next or wondering how much it would cost to build an app or create one for a business.

Every business owner in today’s technologically advanced world must come up with a mobile app. The question is, how much should a mobile app cost? How much is it, Rs 25000 to 10 lac, or even more? Honestly, it is impossible to pinpoint a specific figure that represents the cost of developing a mobile application. The cost is dependent on a variety of factors.

Every app has its own set of factors. For example, a camera with simple customization filters will cost less than one with advanced functionality such as social media integration, editing options, and cloud storage. In the same way, the cost of developing a shopping portal will be higher than the cost of developing a simple file manager.

Here we will share a list of several factors that may influence your application’s development costs. The factors we listed are only the most common, and there may be other factors that affect the cost of app development. Here are several factors that influence how much your application will cost to develop.

What platform would you like your application to run on?

Determining the development cost begins with choosing the platform. The platform is the first step in determining the development cost. For example, you’ll need to decide if you want a native or hybrid app. A native program is platform-specific, meaning that it can only operate on that platform. Hybrid apps, on the other hand, may operate on several different platforms. Here’s an in-depth platform-wise cost comparison of the app development process.

Android Development:

Many company owners prefer to invest in Android development since Android is the most commonly utilized mobile operating system on the planet. However, as compared to IOS, the cost of developing an Android app might be a little more. Because JAVA is a larger programming language, it necessitates more lines of code, lengthening the development time. Furthermore, in the case of Android, the testing procedure takes a long time.

IOS Development:

Swift and Objective C, the programming languages used to create an IOS application, are easier than JAVA, so developers can get the job done with fewer lines of code. As a result, the time and cost of development are reduced. IOS app development, on the other hand, has a higher hourly fee than Android app development.

Hybrid Application (Cross-Platform Apps):

Developing hybrid applications is one technique to reduce the cost of app development. Hybrid applications are cross-platform apps that can operate on many platforms, implying that a single piece of code may be used on multiple systems. Despite the fact that hybrid applications lack a few features and functionalities, they are still a preferable solution for small company owners on a budget.

The cost of developing a mobile application is influenced by the complexity of the app

Another important aspect that determines the cost of developing a mobile application is its complexity. Simple, moderate, and complicated applications are the three types of complexity w. The cost of an app varies depending on its complexity. You may want various   Features to integrate, User Login, Screen Orientation, Geolocation, Navigation, Customized Design of your app, Google Map Integration, Chat/Messaging, In-App Purchase, Third-Party App Integration Multi-Language Support, App Maintenance, App Synchronization, Live Streaming, Offline Mode, AR/VR support, Database Connectivity, App Security, Payment Gateway Integration, Push Notifications, Advertisement, Access to Smartphone’s Firmware,

Let’s take a look at each complication one by one.

Simple apps with regular features:

These are basic programs with a few standard functions, as the name implies. For the most part, these programs rely on firmware or hardware to function. For example, an app that turns a Smartphone’s flashlight into a torch. The app development cost is inexpensive because there is no database integration or other complicated functionality.

Moderate apps with some advanced features:

Payment choices, a customizable user interface, database integration, customer login, cloud storage, and other sophisticated capabilities are available in these apps. These sorts of applications have a greater app development cost than a simple app.

Complex apps with some more advanced features:

Because some apps offer more complex features, their development costs are greater than other apps. Third-party app integration, secure payment gateways, AR/VR integration, encryption, real-time chat support, and multi-language support are just a few of the sophisticated features that add to the complexity and development expense of a mobile app.

It’s Important Who You Hire

When it comes to hiring developers, you have two options: freelancers or professional app development organizations. Always remember that your decision will affect not just the cost of app development, but also the app’s success rate. While hiring freelance developers is less expensive, the work of professional businesses is significantly more reliable. Unlike freelancers, app development companies have a dedicated staff of developers, designers, and testers.

If you do not want to hire an app development agency, it is more likely to have a dedicated team of professionals. The team usually includes the Project Manager, Developers, and UI/UX Designers.

Testing Team, Each of the team members has duties of his own and therefore has different hourly rates.


So, how much does it cost to develop a mobile app? As previously said, there is no specific amount that can be used to define the cost of app development. However, you may estimate the cost of your app by examining the aforementioned elements and the region in which you choose to engage the developers based on your company’s needs.